Helicopter tours can be some of the very best in terms of enjoying a destination from an aerial view that actually happens to be the most unique. The tours offer a great way of getting closer to the major attractions in your selected city or destination because you can get closer to attractions, for example, grand buildings that are basically hard to enjoy from the beginning. The helicopter tours also come with other advantages and they include the following.

  • They are a fast way of enjoying your chosen city or destination in the event that you are limited on time because helicopters are definitely faster compared to buses

  • They are more convenient generally because they are not in danger of getting help in traffic as it is usually the case with tour vehicles

  • They offer a more intimate tour experience because they carry fewer passengers compared to tour vans and buses. You can actually fly the helicopters with your partner to enjoy some alone time, or enjoy a family bonding experience with no other people around. The tours can make very good experience gifts on special occasions like birthdays or wedding anniversaries

When looking for the best helicopter tours, there are factors that you ought to consider to ensure that you enjoy an experience that you would not ever forget. These factors include:

Certification and experience of the company

It is something that can determine how safe your tour will be. Working with a Makobiscribe certified company that has years of experience in flying will comfort you so you can enjoy the tour and at the same time be sure to see all the best areas of the city. A good company ought to have certified pilots so make sure you check that as well when making your selection.

Areas covered

Remember that helicopter tours can be costly and for this reason it helps to check whether the tour itinerary is indeed worth the money that you end up paying. When choosing your tours, ensure that it will cover all destination spots you wish to enjoy from the sky and that you will be guided through the sites to ensure that you do not pass up anything that is of importance to you. The more the attractions and site the tours cover the more worth they are.


They can differ starting with one tour provider then onto the next. In the event that you plan to enjoy the helicopter tour with your family, check if the operator has any age restrictions and determine how comfortable you are with them. The seat size as well as seat belt restrictions, the operator could have restrictions on weight of the passengers.


Another very important thing to consider when choosing your helicopter tours is the strategy around rescheduling. Factors, for example, bad weather can make it impossible for you to enjoy the tour as scheduled. Find out what happens if something like this happens. Will you need to make any extra payments or do you just select another date with no extra requirements to enjoy your tour.